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As a licensing artist, I am so thrilled to have been so

Fortunate to have partnered some very remarkable companies.I am so Thankful to be able to share them with you.
Besties of Hope figurine "Hope grows with Love" from The Hamilton Collection.

If you would like this limited edition figurine you can go to The Hamilton Collection at the link below.  Thank you for your support.

My-Bestie Dolls "The Ashton Drake Galleries
Sherri Baldy My-Besties Bee Attitudes Child Doll Collection-

Sherri Baldy My-Besties Bee Attitudes Child Doll Collection

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My _Besties Embroidery Collections ~ Find Them At: Stitched Impressions


Sherri A. Baldy is freelance artist who has always specialized in big eye art and dolls. She has been a professional published, licensed and award winning artist and designer for over 20 plus years.

Sherri's artistic career started when she was just a little girl and sold her first works of art in the forth grade to her fourth grade teacher. She quickly learned that she could do what she loved for a living.

Sherri's art and design career has spanned from art to creating dolls, home decor products to designing a woman's and girls clothing line in the 90's

Some of her accomplishments are:

Sherri won first place competing against other doll artists from all over the world in 1992 for her hand sculpted Big eye dolls at the Anaheim World wide Doll Show.

Sherri is so proud to be able to say that Oprah Whinfery has one of her "One of a Kind Big Eye Art Cloth Dolls" Sherri was ask to make for Oprah.

She is so honored to have been asked to design cloths for the Country Music Awards in the late 90's

One of Sherri's quotes about her life is: " I'm An Ordinary Girl Living An Extraordinary Life!"

That is how she feels about being an artist and living the farm girl life she lives.... Or as Sherri puts it " I Color for a living!" when she is asked, "what do you do for a living."

She and her family live on a farm in Sunny Southern California in the US. She is a true farm girl at heart and is living her dream on the farm. Urban Farm Diva is were Sherri and her husband live and rescue many animals that are in need of tender loving care and they find them their forever homes.

At the farm (Urban Farm Diva you will find The family's 3 horses, 9 dogs and so many barn cats and over 60 chickens...Some that lay blue eggs :-) and 30 fish in the pond!

Sherri's art has been published and illustrated in a number of Books:

* Toddles The Pink Poodle - Illustrated By Sherri Baldy and picked up by Disney for a animated Movie. * Big Eye Art 2008 -Published art * Daria Rose And The Day She Chose 2009 - Illustrated By Sherri Baldy * Fantasy Art Collection: Pure Inspirations 2011 Sherri's Brand of "My-Besties TM" range became a Trademark brand in 2011 and was quickly picked up by many licensing companies around the world for many lines of merchandise and products.

The Besties can be found licensed on:

*Figurines By: The Bradford Exchange * Dolls By: The Ashton Drake Galleries * Fabric By The Yard By: VIP Fabrics The largest Fabric company in North America * Embroidery Patterns * Joy Crafts for 3 D Deco Sheets * Tubes and Tags The My Besties TM was showcased for wholesale at the 2013 CHA Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show and are now sold world wide.

The Besties stamps and craft projects have been published in many magazines all over the world by Sherri's amazing design team members and fans.

You can find Sherri's Craft and other products online at these stores:

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